Protein Structure Lab Services

The Protein Structure Laboratory offers a range of services in the area of protein structure determination.

Services Offered:

  • Protein construct design, expression and purification for crystallization (gene-to-structure)
  • Protein crystallization (only 12 mL of protein needed per 96-well screen)
    • High throughput methods using robotics for crystallization and crystal imaging
    • Screening of protein ligand, inhibitor complexes and protein:protein complexes
    • Membrane protein crystallization
  • X-ray diffraction testing and data collection
    • Synchrotron data collection (~300 synchrotron data sets collected annually)
  • Structure solution and refinement using modern crystallographic software
    • ~50 structures determined annually
  • Structure of protein:inhibitor complexes to support drug development
  • Training of students in all aspects of protein crystallography
    • Computational laboratory with Linux workstations
  • Preparation of publication ready structure reports
  • Preparation of grant materials for collaborative research proposals

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Climate controlled crystallization lab

The Protein Structure Laboratory wet-lab contains a climate controlled crystallization lab in an adjacent room