Instrumentation in the Protein Structure Lab

NT8 Drop Setting Robot

The Formulatrix NT8 drop setting robot is equipped with the plate copy option and LCP attachment for membrane proteins
NT8 Robot

RockImager 2 (RI2)

The Formulatrix Rock Imager 2 (RI2) is equipped with UV-VIS and multi-wavelength fluorescence imaging capabilities
RockImager 2

RockMaker Software

The RockMaker software suite is used to enter information for crystallization screens and visualize the images obtained from the RI2. All plate images for collaborators' crystallization experiments are accessible through a web version of RockMaker.
RockMaker plate image

Rock Imager 1000

The Formulatrix Rock Imager 1000 is used for automated imaging of crystallization plates that are stored in a climate controlled hotel.
Rock Imager 1000